alternative medicine in maitland and winter park

Welcome to Mid-Florida Medical Group

Mid-Florida Medical Group was founded by Dr. Joya Schoen, who has over 30 years experience in complementary and alternative medicine. She and her talented staff of trained professionals work together to evaluate and treat patients who have a wide variety of medical complaints as well as those who simply wish to optimize their health. We serve patients throughout Central Florida including Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Lake Mary, Oviedo, and more!

Alternative Medicine in Orlando

Our goal in offering healthcare is to identify the root causes of failure of the person's body and mind to cope with these stresses successfully. Once identified, the factors responsible for interfering with a high level of wellness are presented and solutions recommended to each patient. Empowerment for achieving a high degree of health comes to those willing to participate in their own health outcome. We view successful healthcare as a dynamic interaction between health care professional and patient, with sincere participation of each.

Office For Alternative Medicine Located in Winter Park

Take a look at the wide range of alternative healthcare services we offer in our office in Winter Park, Florida or read more about our highly qualified practicioners who specialize in a variety of fields of holistic medicine.